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Story of a Genius

This is a true story. One of my senior from IIT bagged a heavy package. I had hardly met him. People generalize lives of other people thinking about others achievements. Once I happened to see him and we had some great exchange of ideas, what happened in those 20 minutes changed my perspective forever.  Quora
I asked him " You must be feeling pretty lucky to be liked by so many people. You have inspired so many of them". "Are you kidding me. 21 years of my life I never lived my life the way I wanted it to. Its just because I am good at some random things that are liked by industrialists it counts else, its just waste like others", he replied. "I don't get it. People dream to live the life you are living maybe you should respect what you are getting." "I do, well at least I have made something that makes people happy."
    After a brief pause, "Why?". He was looking at the setting sun and asked me "You see that, after some time it will be dark and the whole world will sleep. Its not mandatory its a norm. People have set this pseudo norms that which dominate everywhere. If you are smart you have to be an engineer if you are an IITian you have to get a great job or do something great. Do you know the person who inspired me to study was a 6 year old boy. I never wanted to be an engineer I am not meant to be one. But, I received a proper education at least. This 6 year old boy used to stand outside doors of people waiting for doodhwalla (milkman) to drop milk so that he can have some. I taught him maths when I was in 9th grade. The last time when I met my furious dad he was hopeless about my situation While I was teaching that guy I promised myself that I won't go my education in vain.
    I lost my father last year. The guy who used to stand on the doors doesn't knock anymore. Well, I loved a girl in my junior college whom I never talked to. I don't have close friends and I don't know shit about what happens in the world. OK, let's say money and reputation is important. Will it bring back my father? I just wanted to say him I love him, and look now I work in the finest tech company. Will the girl I loved ever understand my feelings, will my only friend return? Will I live back my childhood. Well yes there might be people who have all this and tomorrow you might envy those people too but will you gain anything, no, you are just going to lose and degrade.
    I have made quite many mistakes in my life and one of the most grave ones is not respecting what I have. I always wanted more to please others. My parents, some random shit girls or some others. Don't do it. Its fancy everything here, but its not the way what it looks like. You still have people to love I don't. Preserve your valuable assets its not what people decide that you are supposed to worry about and what makes your life its what you and your people feel that counts." This is just some of the part of what we shared , but the essence of true treasure in life was finally clear. I rewind those 20 minutes so many times in my mind. And then I find peace in doing my work rather than checking my bank balance or grades. The costliest asset that you can own is humility and inner peace. I don't think any company pays that.
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